Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Giveaway Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin - Check it out!!

Win Extraordinary (signed ARC) by Nancy Werlin- 3 winners Ends 9/20

Check it out here!

Or this link!

Any of the above links will work.  Looks like a great read.


Lilk13 said...

You can't miss out on this great giveaway

Kameko said...

Hi! I gave you an award!
You can pick it up here: http://beverlysbookshelf.blogspot.com/


Lilk13 said...


Thanks for the award but I'm not sure how to accept it. There doesn't seem to be a code to put in my blogspot.



Kameko said...

You are welcome for the award! I had a little trouble getting it posted myself. I was finally able to click on the picture of the award on the left side of The Crazy Bookworm's site and it gave a page that allowed me to copy the text needed to post the award to my blog. As for listing the fifteen, I just copy and pasted the links to new blogs I've found and created hyper links to them so when you click on the name it takes you to their site.


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